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Saturday, March 04, 2006

“You have a nice mast”

I get my first in-person look at my new boat.

We arrived in Ventura about 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, after dealing with rain-aggravated heavy traffic on the LA-area freeways. We quickly got checked into the hotel, and then we raced off to get a look at Black Magic in what was left of the daylight. It’s lovely; I got some pictures. The boat is really shiny, prettier than the pictures I’d seen. There are some things that will need attention, such as the bottom paint, but overall, the boat is in good condition for one as old as it is. One of the outstanding features is the fairly new mast, which Larry kept returning to as he continued his inspection. He’s definitely impressed with the condition of the boat as well as such features as the sails. The boat’s previous owner had very little time to sail it, so there’s very little wear and tear. But there is a lot of dirt and dust to deal with. Two phrases Larry repeated over and over: “You have a nice mast,” and “You got a great deal.”

Mechanical failures continued. As we were leaving the boatyard, the truck’s power steering quit, accompanied by a cascade of fluid pouring from underneath the truck. It was drivable, but barely, enough to get it to a repair shop near the motel that would be open today and able to replace the ruptured pressure hose while we do our test sail and other errands.

Pat and Gerald eventually arrived in their rental car, which is our only real transport until the truck gets repaired, and the five of us had dinner at a very nice seafood restaurant near where the boat is, and then we returned to the hotel, where at least the three of us who have had very little sleep since yesterday planned on a fairly early night. Pat went out to the nearby supermarket for beer and soft drinks, and he came back with one extra – a bottle of Campari. We had a bit last night, but the rest is not to be touched until Larry, Braxton, and I get the boat safely home to T or C.

We have a bunch of things to do today: get together with the seller to close the deal on the boat and make sure all of the paperwork is in order, as well as picking up additional sails and accessories he has; going to West Marine to get a few things for the boat and the trailer; getting out for a test sail in the harbor (Pat can get pictures); getting the trailer light plug and jack wheel replaced; getting the boat onto the trailer and disassembled for travel.

I’ve been on the phone with the tech support person for the wireless Internet service that this hotel offers; in about an hour, he said his system administrator will make some setting changes that should allow me access so I can put this post up, as well as the earlier ones. If that doesn’t work, we can try having lunch someplace that offers wi-fi to customers.


Blogger Pat said...

First trip to West Marine broke $500. Truck's power steering eventually got fixed.

Mon Mar 06, 01:17:00 AM MST  

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