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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Very Dark Place

I don’t want to go there

Sixteen years ago, I was in a very dark place, and this week, I discovered I was on the brink of it again. Two-lane road, big truck oncoming, just a twitch on the steering wheel to the left … NO! I have a new boat, and a lot of friends, and a husband and son – how many teenagers do you know who brag to their buddies about their moms?

I don’t want to go back on medication again – the side effects are devastating, especially the inability to write. I need to get back out on the lake.


Blogger Pat said...

Remember: You are talented and loved, and ...

(excuse the bad latin)

Illigitimi non Corundum.

Fri Feb 24, 03:01:00 PM MST  
Blogger Tillerman said...

Hang in there. You have friends you have never even met.

Fri Feb 24, 03:09:00 PM MST  
Anonymous Adrift at Sea said...

Tillerman is right, you do have friends you've never even met. How are you ever going to get Wizards published if you're not here to push it through??

Fri Feb 24, 05:40:00 PM MST  
Blogger Pat said...

I believe the dark thoughts were relatively momentary. Before Carol Anne left the emergency room, I was instructed to check on and wake her every hour Sunday night. Then, I staggered off to work and Carol Anne did some grading and stuff, so by the time the horrible nasty threatening blaming belittling e-mails came in on Monday night, we were already exhausted and sleep-deprived.

The good news is that Carol Anne did get to see her new doctor on Thursday and get the staples removed. Also, she went right back down to the lake as soon as she was able Friday morning to get back to the water. Of course, it's not wind and waves and flying booms that particularly bother her.

Fri Feb 24, 11:27:00 PM MST  
Anonymous Adrift at Sea said...

I'm really glad that Carol Anne got back on a boat. Sailing is good for the soul... and healing to the spirit.

Sun Feb 26, 10:56:00 AM MST  

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