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Welcome to Five O'Clock Somewhere, where it doesn't matter what time zone you're in; it's five o'clock somewhere. We'll look at rural life, especially as it happens in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, cats, sailing (particularly Etchells racing yachts), and bits of grammar and Victorian poetry.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saturday’s “Sailing”

Not much wind, but we got stuff done.

Winds Saturday ranged from light to nonexistent. We spent the morning and the early part of the afternoon learning more about weather from Dan, and we also discussed safety issues. Vicky, for example, has been reading up on hypothermia (Gee, I wonder why). Eventually we gave up waiting for wind and went down to the boats.

Vicky, Maureen, and I were with Ken on one of the J-24s, while Sue, Sharon, and Jo Ann went with Dan on Kachina. There still wasn’t much wind; the folks on Kachina raised sail but really weren’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, we sat around waiting for wind, and Ken discussed some of the finer points of sail trim. Eventually, there was a bit of wind, and we put the sails up, only to have the wind die again. Our mainsail also seemed to be attracting all of the mosquitoes on the lake; it still had a bit of O Negative residue from last weekend. Well, at least I got in some good experience running the motor.

Pat and I decided to go to a nice restaurant for dinner, and we ran into Mike and Cheryl, a couple who have recently joined the sailing club. We had a very enjoyable dinner, and then Pat and I headed to our motel.

This morning, there is still no wind, and I’m still feeling tired from the past week. The prediction is for a bit of wind to show up around noon, and when Larry gets here, he, Braxton, and I can go out on the Etchells. Meanwhile, Pat’s helping Braxton do some work on Cranky Wench, refinishing some teak.


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