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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I’m here …

Where’s everybody else?

Well, I got to Braxton’s place about 10:30, fully expecting to find him and Larry here. The place was all lit up, but nobody was home, other than the tenant downstairs, who seemed a bit puzzled to see me. I tried to put her at ease by showing I knew the place: “Braxton in?” I asked. “I have no idea,” she replied. She didn’t seem too terribly trusting; maybe it was the leopard-spot shirt I was wearing. Fortunately, the door was unlocked, so I just let myself in. I left most of my stuff in the car; much of it will transfer to the truck when it gets here, rather than needing to be toted up the stairs and then back down again in the morning. I did, however, discover that the refrigerator was empty, so I went back down to the car to bring up the cooler.

The way I figure it, they probably went somewhere that has cable TV so Larry could check on the weather. And probably that somewhere also serves beverages, and probably they lost track of time. And maybe they also weren’t expecting me to arrive so soon, since I let my late class out early to get an early start on the drive. I can’t check on them, since I don’t have the cell phone at the moment – for the weekend, I’ll be reachable through Braxton’s, so Pat has ours.

I just checked the wireless card, in case there was a neighbor to piggyback on – no luck, not even the faintest wisp of a signal. So by the time I post this, I will likely be in Ventura … unless we discover some good access on our way through Arizona. Last night, I should probably have looked up some of the places we will be passing through. Arizona’s highway department is pretty progressive, much like Texas’; there’s a possibility the freeway rest areas have wi-fi.

They can’t have had mechanical problems that kept them in El Paso – if that were the case, then the lights wouldn’t have been on and the door wouldn’t have been unlocked.

Oh, well. I think I’ll work on some other writing for a while.


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