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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Belated Sunday update

Better late than never?

Larry and some wind arrived about the same time, so we got out on the water, Larry by himself on the boat known this week as Blondie, and Braxton with me and Pat on Constellation. The wind was not reliable. At times, we had enough that, at least upwind, we were gaining on Larry. But the wind faded out, so we headed back to port.

Just as we had solidified lunch plans, the wind came up again, so Larry went back out on the lake while the rest of us had lunch. After lunch, I headed back to Albuquerque – I was so tired, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the drive home. As it was, I had to take several breaks and consume a lot of caffeine. Pat stayed for a while longer and got more sailing time with Braxton, learning more about how an Etchells works.

Even so, the wind was flaky, and the sailing wasn’t all that good. I think I’m glad I headed home when I did.


Anonymous Adrift at Sea said...

Carol Anne-

Saw this post on another website and thought of you.


Wed Mar 01, 09:11:00 AM MST  

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