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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Over the Rio and Through the Bosque

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I’m now less than 2,000 words from making the 50,000-word NaNo challenge.

Pat, Gerald, Dulce, and I are now at Five O’Clock Somewhere, along with a guest. My high-school best friend lives in Maryland, but her daughter is a freshman this year at New Mexico Tech in Socorro. Since Maryland is too far to go for the weekend, we have her with us; she’s so much like her mother that we’ll call her “CC” (for “Carbon Copy”) for the purposes of this blog.

We started this morning with Pat driving to Socorro to pick up CC, and then picking up Gerald at the airport when he arrived from Arizona. Next, we drove to Santa Fe, to the house that Fuego, MaK and ZoLee are living in while Fuego works on the spaghetti Western. My parents were there as well, and a couple of people from the movie crew, and an old friend of Fuego’s and his significant other.

Because there were so many people there, we had been warned that there wasn’t likely to be much in the way of leftovers. So we planned ahead; we got a second turkey that we will be cooking tomorrow. We have two young people on hand who are seriously tired of dorm food.

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