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Sunday, September 21, 2008

More observations from Arizona

A month makes a noticeable difference in temperature

So Gerald has now been at school for a month, and it’s his birthday tomorrow (Monday). Thanks to the generosity of his grandparents, they and Pat and I are now at a condo-type resort in Scottsdale – not exactly close, but we’ve had an opportunity to see him and enjoy a very nice dinner to celebrate. He and Pat have also gotten in some time on the water in various ways. Pat’s been hanging out with the Arizona Yacht Club, which had race-committee training at Lake Pleasant yesterday in preparation for the fall series racing, and dinghy races this afternoon on Tempe Town Lake, near the ASU campus. Gerald had practice yesterday afternoon with the ASU sailing team, also at TTL, and is sailing with the AYC this afternoon.

This morning we all went to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter outpost, and we found out some fascinating things about him and his school of architecture. One interesting fact was that, even when he was famous, he didn’t typically have a lot of money. So all of the physical labor of building the place was done by his apprentice architects. This served another purpose in addition to saving money – it gave the young architects a grounding in building techniques, so they would have a better grasp of what could actually be done.

Since I have to get back to work tomorrow afternoon, Pat and I plan to leave this afternoon and get some of the journey back to Albuquerque done – probably as far as Holbrook. I’ve been looking at available lodgings, and have narrowed the choices down to two.

There’s the America’s Best Value Inn, a nothing-fancy location of a chain of low-budget motels, somewhat old and shabby, but the reviewers who have been there thought it was all right (not that there were many reviewers), and it claims to have free wireless Internet.

Then there’s the Wigwam Motel, for just about exactly the same price, concrete tepees built in 1950 and refurbished in 2001, a bit small but which got rave reviews from nearly all of the reviewers (and there were a lot of them). Parked next to each tepee is a vintage car, and it might be cool for the Miata to pose with them in the morning. No mention of whether it has wireless, however.

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Anonymous tillerman said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the ASU sailing team and the challenges of finding free wireless access.

Sun Sep 21, 08:34:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Pat was so late getting back from the lake this evening that we didn't get to Holbrook until about 11:30. We opted for Internet rather than tepees.

Mon Sep 22, 01:28:00 AM MDT  

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