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Saturday, October 18, 2008

We didn’t go to the party

The party came to us

We had a plan for this weekend, to meet up with Zorro to work on Black Magic. Yes, I know, there was a flaw in that sentence – it is generally not possible to put “Zorro” and “plan” in the same sentence.

The idea was that Zorro has a couple of spare sets of shrouds lying around, and we need to put new shrouds on our boat before it can be safely sailed without risk of breaking the mast. So he was to drive up to the lake from El Paso, and we were to drive down to the lake from Albuquerque. We could help him de-rig his boat, Constellation, so he could take it to El Paso, where he could then work on rebuilding the bow that was knocked off during that “non-storm related wind event” this summer. And he could help us put the new shrouds on Black Magic, so he could sail her during the rest of the fall series regattas.

As we started on our journey to the lake, we called Zorro, and we found out that he had car trouble, but he’d call us when the car got fixed. At that point, we could be pretty sure that we wouldn’t be seeing Zorro or the shrouds this weekend, but since we’d already embarked on our journey, we continued on to the lake.

Our first stop at the lake was the Rock Canyon Marina, where, at least in theory, there was going to be a gathering of Rio Grande Sailing Club sailors, but the only one there was Teddy Bear. We chatted with him for a while, and then we went to meet Cornhusker at the trailer where we’re staying again this weekend.

We found the trailer, which had previously been relatively isolated, in the midst of a gathering. The local Hobie fleet was having its annual Halloween gathering on the point, and Cornhusker and Bassmaster’s trailer was parked right in the middle of where they gathered. We got to watch them sailing, and they invited us to their party, and we all had a great time. And that great time is scheduled to continue tomorrow.

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Anonymous tillerman said...

Hope you get to go sailing with the Hobie fleet, and fly a hull. I'm sure that was on somebody's bucket list.

Sun Oct 19, 05:13:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Alas, we didn't get a chance to fly a hull -- Sunday was very nearly dead calm, and a couple of the Hobie folks launched and sort of drifted around, but nobody was flying any hulls.

Instead, Pat did some work on Black Magic, and I got to help Cornhusker and Bassmaster relocate their trailer, learning how to pack it for travel, how to empty the holding tanks, and other skills that might be useful in the future if Pat and I end up getting a cruising yacht as part of our retirement plan.

Cornhusker and Bassmaster take their own bucket lists seriously, since last year she faced a return of the cancer that she had previously overcome. It looks like the cancer has been beaten down again, but nobody's taking anything for granted.

The trailer is part of Cornhusker's bucket list -- she wants to spend as much time on the beach as possible, enjoying recreation on the water. If there's little or no wind, she can go kayaking, and if there is wind, she goes windsurfing.

Wed Oct 22, 02:35:00 AM MDT  
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