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Saturday, March 11, 2006

A whole lotta wind

There is such thing as too much of it

I got down to the lake a little after noon yesterday, driving through gusty March winds that blew El Caballero all over the freeway on the way down. Margaret and Vicky were at the compound, along with Barb, who is helping with the coaching (she actually won the championship in 2001), and Barb’s husband, Trent.

The weather was windy, windier than three weeks ago when we had the “boom” incident, so windy that Rich couldn’t even do any work on boats – there was too much blowing sand. Barb led a discussion of the racing rules, starting with some of the basics, diverging now and then into discussions of tactics, and how they relate to some of the rules. All in all it was a well-spent afternoon.

Today is predicted to be as windy as yesterday, so it’s likely that today’s scheduled race will be postponed – tomorrow isn’t supposed to be quite so windy, especially early in the day, so there’s a chance of racing then. Even so, if the wind is stiff, probably the women’s teams will not go out on the J/24s, since we discovered three weeks ago that having boatloads of novices in heavy conditions isn’t exactly a good idea. If that happens, I’ll probably get onto one of the bigger boats as crew so as to get some time on the water.


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