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Friday, May 22, 2009

Top Ten Lame or Not-So-Lame Excuses Not To Get to the Lake

In New Mexico, most of the people who sail have to travel a great distance to get to the lake. That distance imposes hardships. In response to Tillerman's challenge, to create a list related to sailing, here is a list of excuses that have been used by sailors in the desert to explain why they haven't come to the lake to sail on a particular weekend:

10. I went to a party in Juarez, and in the morning I was so hung-over I couldn't even think about going to the lake.

9. My car broke down, so I couldn't come to the lake.

8. I was getting my mortgage refinanced, and the appraiser was supposed to come. I waited all day, but the appraiser never did show up.

7. I had a sick cat that I had to take to the vet.

6. The weather forecast was for no wind, so I didn't want to drive for two hours and not end up going sailing.

5. The weather forecast was for way too much wind, so I didn't want to drive for two hours and not end up going sailing.

4. I went to visit my new girlfriend, and her violent boyfriend (she had lied and called him "ex") slashed my tires.

3. My boat suffered serious damage in a storm last spring; a bunch of other people said they'd lend me boats to sail while mine was getting repairs, but none of them came through.

2. I was getting inducted into the Ohio Track and Field Hall of Fame, and I didn't want to dishonor Jesse Owens by not showing up to be honored alongside him.

1. I didn't know you were counting on me.

OK, it's pretty clear, these are all Zorro's excuses. The thing is, even though some of them make him look bad, I can still forgive him for them. I do love him, and he would have to do something seriously egregious before I would stop loving him. I am, and will always be, his number-one fan.

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Blogger Pat said...

Did you maybe forget a few... some of these may be more real than others.

"I had a rollover accident the weekend before."

"The dead guy who registered my car for me forgot to re-register it."

"I was supposed to get four sails from a guy who was hauling a boat between Houston and San Diego, but he didn't keep his appointment."

"The girls in the massage parlor were completely out of chocolate and I had to rescue them."

"One of the guys who works for one of my friends in Juarez was knifed/shot and killed so we all had to go to the wake and funeral."

"Business in Juarez is bad because of the Swine Flu epidemic, so I went over there to cheer people up."

"A Nigerian tribal chief/college in Texas/company in Belize/dictator in south America/ university in Indonesia needs a proposal on a new running track."

"The suspension/rear end/ ____ went out and I can't drive the car out of town."

"My crew decided to party and get hung over instead of preparing for the regatta."

"There was a fire that damaged the building in back that I use as a sail loft and gym."

"A Border Patrol agent set traps for one of my cats and I had to go to the pound to rescue her."

"Torrential rains flooded my basement."

"I had to swap (engines/ injectors/ brakes/ fuel pumps/ ____ between the yellow/ blue/ gold Mercedes."

"The predicted weather was cold and overcast and maybe rainy."

"I was helping a friend hide from the drug cartel / Texas Rangers / ex-boyfriend."

"I was recruiting donors for the University."

"I got a tank of contaminated diesel."

"I ran out of bottom paint to re-do the keel and rudder."

"My ex-wife had an emergency when ______ ."

"I realized there wasn't a second paddle on my boat and so it wasn't class-legal to race."

Sun May 24, 03:57:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about " Soraya and me were stuck on the bridge"
" Blame it on Blondie"
Best line of the last 6 months...
" Zorro is in love, or thinks he is"

Mon May 25, 05:48:00 PM MDT  

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