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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Still seeking Visitor 50K

Prize package remains unclaimed

We’re still hoping the lucky 50,000th visitor to Five O’Clock Somewhere will come forth.

This visitor didn’t reveal specific information about location, but we know he or she was in North America, in the Eastern time zone, using an ISP whose territory is in the southeastern United States. He or she visited in the early afternoon of April 16, on a Mac using Firefox.

Most important, this visitor didn’t arrive via a web search or a link on another website – this visitor has Five O’Clock Somewhere bookmarked, or possibly typed the link in directly, although that’s unlikely.

So there’s a valuable prize package remaining to be claimed. Sorry, I can’t provide airfare, but once you get to New Mexico, here’s what you get: Beer and dinner for one, or just beer for four, at the Socorro Springs Brewing Company, plus a sailing experience on the sexiest boat on Elephant Butte Lake.

If the winner doesn’t come forward within four weeks, I will hold an alternative selection process to determine who will receive the prize.

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Blogger Iris Blue said...

How will you know when you find that person?

Almost sounds like me, but I don't know if I used my school computer to check you out on Thursday.

Sun Apr 19, 01:36:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it is me.. as luck will have it I summer in Pagosa Springs. And should be there in a week or two.
So no airfare needed.

Sun Apr 19, 01:49:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could it be me. i check your site several times daily for an update. I live in the southeast and use at&t as my provider. I have a mac, use firefox and you are bookmarked.

Sun Apr 19, 01:50:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Tillerman said...

Talking of people not claiming rewards Carol Anne, you haven't yet claimed your reward for winning my "best excuse for not working out" competition. The prize was that you get to choose the subject for a post that I will write for you on Proper Course.

Sun Apr 19, 05:58:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Right now, it looks like a possible tie between Anonymous who summers in Pagosa and Iris Blue ... Anonymous' signature on Sitemeter matches that of Visitor 50K. But if Iris' work computer is a Mac on Firefox with the right ISP (sorry, Gryphon, it's not AT&T, although I think I would enjoy sharing a beer or three with you), I'll declare a tie, and both Anonymous and Iris will get prizes.

Ah, Tillerman, sorry ... I didn't realize I'd won an award ... OK, here's a topic that I've posted on my blog before: my best teachers. Tell about the most fantastic people who have helped you to learn things, from preschool to the current day. They don't even have to be officially teachers, just people who have helped you to learn things.

To make it even more fun, you could make it into a group writing project, so all of the people in the tillersphere could share stories.

Mon Apr 20, 01:36:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Oh, one more thing ... I try to assign appropriate and unique blog nicknames to people. If somebody already has an online identity, (e.g. Tillerman or Iris Blue), that's what I use. Otherwise, I try to find some defining characteristic of a person, such as where that person is from (Penzance, Cornhusker), the person's hobbies (Bassmaster), the person's occupation (Carguy), or some particular personal quirk or fantasy (Zorro).

So, Anonymous who summers in Pagosa Springs, I'd like to have a more concise way to refer to you in the blog, especially if you are a winner in the 50K contest. This is your chance to create an alter ego -- how would you like to be known in the blogosphere?

Mon Apr 20, 02:34:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous who summers in pagosa springs is Betsy Griffin. also gryphon. That is sorta weird as I would think that both ip addresses would show as the same.

So, as I don't know how you track things at your end.
Maybe we can meet up at High Country?

Mon Apr 20, 06:52:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

I use Sitemeter to get information about visitors ... since I'm using the free version, it keeps track of only the past hundred visitors. I've noticed that, with telecommunications companies merging and re-forming, sometimes the name that shows up on Sitemeter changes from time to time.

Gryphon, the High Country sounds good. Let me know when you get to Pagosa for the summer. You can also check out the new and improved Chama Valley Supermarket.

Mon Apr 20, 04:36:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see. Beer and dinner for one. Drive all the way down to scorro and eat by yourself. But beer for four. Ahhh that sounds good.
We go to the BOA in chama at least once a month. I will check to see if you are up in TA and try to make some sort of an arrangement.

Mon Apr 20, 09:35:00 PM MDT  

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