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Friday, December 02, 2005

Critters at College

Here’s an interesting question for all of you pet owners out there: If your pet were to go to college, what would he or she major in?

I figure Dulce either for business administration or political science. She’s very good at getting people to do things – HER way. She’s the one who really runs this household, for sure.

Tres is a little trickier to figure out. He’d probably be on an athletic scholarship for track, given his love of running. Academically, maybe he’d go into psychology, where he could use his empathy to become a therapist. Or maybe he’d go into transcendental philosophy, since his mind often seems to be in a different universe.

So, all of the rest of you out there: What would your pet(s) major in, and why?


Blogger Iris Blue said...

Cat Major
Gypsy is a gypsy in spirit. I don’t think she would do well in college. She would fight with her roommate, steal, and party so much she wouldn’t get her homework finished and flunk out. She doesn’t have the discipline. Maybe some kind of independent study. Something involving investigative work. Or maybe small animal science?

Sun Dec 04, 07:25:00 AM MST  
Anonymous andrew Teague said...

Booda would go into physics with an emphasize on mental telepathy. "If I stare at it long enough, It will come to me."

Mon Dec 12, 06:29:00 PM MST  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Hmmm ... psychic physics?

Tue Dec 13, 01:01:00 AM MST  

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