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Friday, November 25, 2005

Another Good Place to Be

Call me sentimental, but sometimes sentimental is where it’s at

Right now, Five O’Clock Somewhere is a very good place to be. We had our Thanksgiving dinner – it was just the three of us, plus the cats, but it was the full deal: a 13 pound turkey (fresh, not frozen; I splurged on that), dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, fresh-baked bread, sweet potato fries, asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. It was a bit challenging, but I pulled it off, even if I took a couple of shortcuts – I used a bread machine for the bread, store-bought mixes for the potatoes and dressing, canned cranberry sauce, and a blender to finish the Hollandaise. It was rather like conducting an orchestra, getting everything to come together all at more or less the same time, but it was a success. The gravy and Hollandaise came out particularly well; maybe in addition to being the Grammar Goddess, I could consider myself the Sauce Goddess.

And Pat now has something he says he’s been missing for many years: a fridge full of leftover turkey. For many years now, we’ve been going to visit his dad in south Texas for Thanksgiving, and we have either not had a real Thanksgiving dinner, or we have gone out to a restaurant, which has meant no leftovers, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey tetrazzini, none of the great things that can be done with leftover turkey.

Now, I consider the holiday season officially begun. We have the tree set up. Because of the high ceilings at Five O’Clock Somewhere, we have a nine-foot tree. I’ve also put a rotation of Christmas music on the entertainment center. Last night, I sat on the sofa, with my alpaca shawl wrapped round me, one cat on my lap and another at my shoulder, sipping eggnog (we were out of rum, so I had to use brandy in it), watching WCMIK decorate the tree, listening to Mannheim Steamroller’s and Dan Fogelberg’s Christmas music, and relaxing after all of the work of putting together the Thanksgiving meal.

Man, this is a good place to be.


Blogger Pat said...

Saw deer AND turkeys today. Also moved some dirt and rocks, took a side trip to Pagosa Springs.

Sat Nov 26, 06:43:00 PM MST  
Anonymous Jerry said...

Did you know there are people who get tired of turkey leftovers after a week of eating nothing but? I am not one of those people.

Sun Nov 27, 09:37:00 AM MST  
Blogger Pat said...

It's the Tuesday after and I'm looking forward to going home, eating some more turkey and turkey tetrazini, and then taking Carol Anne to work. Still not tired of turkey after multiple Thanksgivings without any.

(The Cavalier is our vehicle of choice while the Expedition is in the dealership garage with a broken universal joint and chewed-up driveshaft.)

Tue Nov 29, 12:35:00 PM MST  

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