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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Reaching 50K

I did it, for the second year in a row.

There. I did it. I got 50,000 words cranked out in 30 days – well, actually, a week ahead of schedule.

I had been plugging along at a dutiful 1700 words a day, not having any real problems with that level of output. Then, a week ago, I had an inspiration. Why just crank out 50,000 words? Why not actually go and finish the darn book, rather than leaving it unfinished? So that’s my goal for November. Right now, I’m just over the 50,000 mark, and I’ve just had the action-packed climactic moment, so what’s left is another 10 or 20,000 to tie up loose ends and get that darn boat out on the water (I spent a lot of word count getting the motor started, and I’m darned if I’m going to leave that thing parked in the slip!)

Finished novel, here I come.


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