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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Just make sure nobody tells my father-in-law’s lady-friend about this …

Oh, yeah, time for cake and celebration – and preparing for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I have a birthday of unusual character. I don’t believe in astrology, but for people who do, I’m a scary individual. I’ve run the numbers. My sun, moon, and ascendant are all Scorpio, as well as about half of my planets. My 13th and 39th birthdays were on blue moons. Yes, my birthday is Halloween, and just to add spice to the package, my mother was born on the 13th of another month.

As far as I’m concerned, these are all just interesting numerical coincidences. On the other hand, my husband’s father’s lady-friend is a strong believer in the supernatural, as well as being a bit paranoid. She’s sure the neighbors are witches, and she has specific ways of warding off evil, such as keeping a radio turned on and tuned to a Christian evangelical station all night. If she ever found out about my horoscope, I would probably never be welcome in that house again.

Meanwhile, I’m theoretically getting ready for NaNo. I finally got the Wizards to a point at which they will let me take a break and do something else. It was hard – I ended up doing more than 28,000 words in 23 days. I’m hoping that will give me momentum as I move on to my NaNo project, since now I have less than 24 hours to do the planning, character sketches, and outlining I was going to spend most of a month doing.


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