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Monday, November 01, 2010

And we're off ...

49,770 words to go ...

Spring was in the air. Hannah Montgomery could feel it in the warm sun that shone down on her and illuminated her silky honey-blonde hair as it lifted on the gentle breeze. The spring term was coming to a close at Seaside Community College, so it was the final crunch time for her students as they prepared their papers for the end of term portfolios. The flip side of that arrangement was that Hannah herself had a bit of a breather before the very end of the term, a breather that she very much needed. As she locked her car and began the walk across the parking lot – fortunately short, as she still qualified for handicapped parking – her phone rang.


“Hi, honey, it’s me.” Hannah recognized the voice of her fiancé, Harry O’Malley. “Just wanted to check – did you get the caterer you wanted?”

“Oh, dear, I forgot about that,” Hannah said. It used to be that she had no trouble remembering things, but there were still lingering after-effects from the brain injury she had received a couple of years ago, and her short-term memory was one of the things that hadn’t fully recovered. She sighed. She would have thought that something as important as planning her own wedding wouldn’t slip her mind so easily.

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Blogger JP said...

Good luck!

Mon Nov 01, 02:32:00 AM MDT  
Blogger bonnie said...

Good start! Go Carol Anne Go!

Mon Nov 01, 11:37:00 AM MDT  
Blogger JP said...

BTW have you discovered Scrivener?

I've just downloaded the Beta for Windows and it looks amazing - designed specifically for writers.

Alas its not really stable enough to risk your master work to it unless you have a Mac, which is where it came from.

Mon Nov 01, 02:57:00 PM MDT  

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