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Monday, April 12, 2010

Quickie weekend update

It was a good one ...

Not much time to say much, but this has been a good weekend, even if I'm now looking at piles of papers that I have to grade and not much time to grade them in.

Saturday's racing was under blustery conditions. Lots of things broke on many boats, including Black Magic, which experienced a spectacular spinnaker blowout along with some smaller things breaking. Lots of people suffered many minor injuries, primarily bruises. We had Penzance on board as guest helmsman. There were two races; we took two firsts. Yes, that's right, we beat Zorro. Twice.

Sunday morning, wind was nearly non-existent. We had Boothbay and his younger son (we'll call him Boothbay Junior for now) on board. Unfortunately, the wind didn't come up enough to hold a race.

Later in the day, we got more wind, enough that Pat and Cornhusker could sail Black Magic to the marina where the mast-up lot is, while I brought the truck down and set up the trailer. After we put our boat away, Pat and I joined Zorro on Constellation for a fantastic end-of-day sail. The wind was perfect, enough to make the boat go fast, but not so much that we were getting beat up. It had been a long time since I'd spent any quality time with Zorro, and that was good, too.

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