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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sending the Old Man Home

While this song may be about a sailor rather than a soldier, the sentiment is the same ...

We laid the Old Soldier to rest this morning. It was a simple ceremony, the way he wanted it -- no fancy church service or procession to the cemetery, just a graveside service with no frills. Thanks to the American Legion, he had an honor guard of other old soldiers to fire a 21-gun salute and blow Taps on a bugle for him.

We shared stories of his adventures during the war, and generally remembered him and the way he was -- he went through the Great Depression and World War II, and he never considered anything after that to be anything important. He just went about his way.

In honor of the Old Soldier, let us remember all of the veterans of that war.

Sending the old man home
By: Jimmy Buffett
They're sendin' the old man home
Back where the buffalo roam
Out in the Pacific, they say he was the best
Now he's in his "civies", headin' home like all the rest

He'll never forget Rosa Lee
Or sleepless nights he fought upon the sea
He'll only have the memories
Or great books by James Jones

'cause they're sendin' the old man home

Faraway (faraway)
Faraway (faraway)
Another life so very far away

They'll tear down the officers clubs
And write off the overdue subs
So let's drink to their memories
Our heroes and our pals
To those crazy navy flyers
To those swell Hawaiian gals

The sailors will dance in the street
Then they'll mothball the whole damn fleet
We'll only have the picture books
Of land, and sea, and foam

'cause they're sendin' the old man home

He'll only have his memories
Or great books by James Jones
'cause they're sendin' the old man home

(Thanks to for the words.)

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Blogger bonnie said...

It had to be hard, but it sounds as though it was a good farewell.

Hope you and Pat are well.

Can't wait to get home to see your Texas wildflowers - not getting them at work where the firewalls are pretty buttoned-down. I don't think I've been in Texas when they are really blooming, but my sister lives in Texas & also likes taking pictures & she's taken some beautiful ones.

Mon Mar 29, 11:35:00 AM MDT  

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