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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gerald’s adventures

The offspring is off to see the world …

… or at least, some of Germany. He took off Friday with some of the students in his high school German class on a journey scheduled to last about two weeks. The itinerary includes a few days in Berlin, a home stay with a family in a village near Ulm, and a few days in Munich. He has a laptop with him, and you can read his take on things on his blog, (Enter Title Here) (depending on how much time he actually will have to compose blog posts and things like that).

About now, he should be finishing up in Berlin and heading for the home stay. The company that sets up these student exchanges seems to have done a particularly good job of matching Gerald with a family. In preparation for the trip, Gerald created a letter of introduction that included photos of my boat, Black Magic, and of him with his Scout troop on top of a mountain in the Pecos Wilderness. Subsequently, he also created a scrapbook with more photos.

The family he was matched with has an 18-year-old son with similar interests: He is a sailor, and there are plans to take a day trip to go hiking in the AlpsUlm is not far from where Germany, Austria, and Switzerland come together. Gerald was in email contact for about two weeks before the trip began, and at least electronically, he and his host hit it off well.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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Blogger Carol Anne said...

As my new computer is in the shop for warranty repairs, I'm on the old desktop. Something interesting I just noticed, which may explain some of the computer's odd behavior: The spelling and grammar checker have been switched to "German (Germany)."

I have turned off the function that automatically puts an orange or green fuzzy underline beneath what MS Word sees as potential "errors," but last time I ran a spelling check, I got a lot of bizarre recommendations. Now I know why.

Fri Mar 21, 02:48:00 AM MDT  

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