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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Very quick weekend update

Gotta keep it short; there’s word count to be kept up

Headed to T or C Friday evening, got a room at the hotel that happens to be the closest one to the football stadium, where a game was going on that would determine whether the local team would win the district. Apparently the Tigers won; there were fireworks going off at the end of the game.

Saturday, we made arrangements to meet Desert Blue at the boat ramp area so he could come sailing with us. There we found Twinkletoes and Dumbledore waiting at the mast-raising pole; they were waiting for Twinkletoes’ big boat to arrive. The boat has spent the past year out of the water, getting much work done as well as waiting for the new mast to arrive.

There was very little wind, but we decided to try to sail anyway, since Desert Blue had come all the way from Albuquerque for the day to sail with us on Black Magic. We left Tadpole to help Dumbledore and Twinkletoes, launched, and sailed – or, rather, drifted, for the next five hours, to the Rock Canyon Marina, where we rented an overnight slip, since the weather prediction for Sunday looks much better for sailing. At Rock Canyon, we met Carguy, who has been working hard on his boat; we helped him for a while, and then we got a ride with him back to the Marina del Sur mast raising pole, where Tadpole, Dumbledore, and Twinkletoes had been joined by Ross, and the four of them were still hard at work putting the boat together. The night before, Zorro had said he would be there to help, too, but there was no sign of him.

As the sun was setting, the boat was rigged enough to launch, and with the assistance of a truck and an extension trailer from the boat yard, it was launched. Twinkletoes gave me his camera, and so I have now documented “how to launch a VERY LARGE sailboat.” After mooring the boat, we all headed to dinner; as thanks for all the help, Twinkletoes treated.

Now I’m a day behind on my NaNo word count. I’ll spend the rest of the evening catching up.

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