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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Launching and retrieving a sailboat, part 2

The saga continues ...

Step 4, continued: At this point, usually the person on the boat starts the motor and backs the boat off the trailer. However, if the boat doesn't have a motor or, as happened Sunday, the motor doesn't start, lines are rigged ...

... so the crew on the pier can pull the boat off the trailer ...

... and Step 5: secure it to the pier.

Retrieving a sailboat is not too different from launching one, with the steps done in reverse, although it can be a little trickier.

Step 1: Using the same method as when launching the boat, put the trailer into the water. The person on the boat will need to figure out exactly where the trailer is and how it is aligned, since all or most of the trailer is often submerged, and the water may be murky.

The person on the boat lines the boat up with the trailer and steers it on. This can be challenging if there is wind or chop. It can be helpful to have a person on shore, straddling the rope at the rear bumper of the truck, to signal the helmsperson and help him or her align the boat.

Step 2: The boat is now settled snugly on the trailer, so it's time to ...

... run a line to secure the boat to the trailer.

to be continued ...

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