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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At last, a meaningful millennial visitor

I want to be known for grammar and sailing, and at last, that’s happening

*Cue trumpet fanfare* The 24,000th visitor to Five O’Clock Somewhere is someone from Oceanside, California, using the most common operating system and browser, in (of course) the Pacific time zone. The visitor stayed for nearly a quarter of an hour and visited three pages.

The visitor’s question: “Clocks is what part of speech?”

The answer: It depends. You have to look at the sentence that it’s in, and see how it behaves.

It could be a noun: The antique store had many lovely clocks for sale.

Or it could be a verb: The automatic timing system clocks all of the racers as they finish.

At least for this particular word, I can’t come up with any other parts of speech that it could be. … If it didn’t have the s on the end, it could be an adjective or adverb, but even then, it couldn’t be a pronoun, preposition or conjunction, and it could be an interjection only in a fictional world with its own slang: Clocks! Did you see that double-bogus hurdle-whang ticktock?

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Blogger Tillerman said...

Congratulations. It looks as if some time tomorrow visitor 100,000 wil show up on my site. Hope I'm around to see who they are and maybe even say hi, but I fear we will be on our way to the airport when it happens.

Clocks! Flocking wock bocks!

Tue Sep 25, 06:40:00 AM MDT  

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