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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dulce has a boyfriend

Cats are loners, right?

Since Tres died, Dulce has been an only cat. She’s had a hard time adjusting; when we have to leave her behind when we go away for a weekend, she’s frantic when we return.

There have been a couple of cats who wander through the neighborhood. A sleek black cat occasionally prowls through the back yard; Dulce doesn’t like him at all, and she growls and hisses when he shows up. But the regular visitor to the front yard is a mellow part-Siamese-looking fellow that she’s taken a liking to. She will sit in her cat tree in front of the living-room picture window, and Romeo will sit below on the front porch.

Lately, it looks like Romeo has taken up residence in the ivy vine at one end of the porch. He’s too well-fed to be a stray, but apparently he’s decided this is a good second home. We don’t have to worry about kitty romance or kittens, since Dulce has been spayed, but the two of them do appear to enjoy each other’s company. His presence does seem to have eased her loneliness when we have to be gone.

The other day, as Tadpole was leaving in the morning for school, he discovered that Romeo had left a gift – a field mouse on the doorstep.



Blogger Iris Blue said...

There is not greater gift than the gift of the hunt. We used to get Gypsy's lizards brought to us to show them off. They looked like live whiskers on her.

Fri Sep 21, 05:40:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Nancy King said...

Aww, that´s a sweet story. I miss my boy Fred, my gorgeous, talented (he fetches) cat. I hope he remembers me--and forgives me--when I get back home.


Mon Sep 24, 09:56:00 AM MDT  

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