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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

National Cat Herders Day

What holidays will they think of next?

Now that I’m off until the start of the spring term, I actually have time during the day to watch the noon news. One of the local television stations’ meteorologists keeps viewers updated on special dates, and today was National Cat Herders Day.

My initial thought was about a television commercial about the difficulty of herding cats. In real life, there do exist people who live their lives surrounded by large numbers of cats, although in most cases, the cats are in charge; the human doesn’t stand much of a chance. Still, perhaps we can count Zorro as a cat herder for the purposes of celebrating this day.

Then there’s also the figurative cat herding. At this time of year, with the holidays upon us, and holiday events and shopping added on top of whatever other employment or school obligations we might have, we may often feel as if we are engaged in herding cats, since we have to be running in several different directions at once.

So here’s to Zorro and all of the literal cat herders out there, and here’s also to anyone who’s been spending a lot of time recently in figurative cat herding.


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FYI: Visitor Number 12,000 was someone in China searching for "Christmas tongue twings." Whatever.

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