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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving summary

Working on keeping word count up elsewhere, so being brief here

Wednesday: Gave class the day off – told them if they sent me email about their portfolios, I’d count that as both attendance and homework for the day. Packed up cats and headed for the apartment near the lake.

Thursday: Cooked Thanksgiving dinner in the small, primitive kitchen in the apartment. Explained to Tadpole that this was what college living would be like.

Friday: Went to lake. Got there just after Zorro. Set sail just after Zorro did. Tuned with Zorro. Got phone call from Mother Superior and Dumbledore that they were waiting for Zorro to pick them up. While Zorro was picking them up, got phone call from Cornhusker that she and GI Jane wanted to join us. Picked them up. Tuned more with Zorro. Wind came up sharp. Good to have GI Jane for rail meat.

Saturday: Aching all over. Got up slowly. Went to lake. Wind went from nearly dead to fierce very quickly. Decided to work on boat instead of sailing. Cornhusker joined us, agreed that wind was too fierce for sailing. Watched houseboats with big engines and thrusters having difficulty docking.

Sunday: Got to lake relatively early. No wind. Started working on boat things; discovered some tools had been left at the apartment. Sent Pat back for tools; started work on other projects. Wind came up nice while boat was all taken apart. Got boat put together, but then the wind was screaming, and nobody was dumb enough to go out in it, even the folks in the houseboats.


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Update: My NaNo word count is now over 48,000. I'm hoping to hit the 50K mark tonight.

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