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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Cats’ Big Adventure

It’s their least favorite day of the year!

Three hundred sixty-four days of the year, the cats are in charge of the household, with Dulce giving the orders and Tres as second in command. But once a year, they do not get everything exactly the way they like it – today was their annual visit to the vet for checkups and shots.

Tres was especially well-behaved – he tends to go catatonic under stress, but this time, he was more relaxed than usual, and the vet’s assistant thought he was particularly sweet. Dulce, as usual, expressed resentment over the indignities of the exam, in a voice much louder than her normal sweet tones. She does NOT like not being in charge.

The good news is that both cats are in great shape for being 10 and 11 years old; the two of them have kept each other busy, so they haven’t put on the pounds the way older, indoor-only, fixed animals often do. In fact, the one worry in an otherwise good checkup was that Tres has been losing some weight, so the vet had blood drawn for tests, in case there’s some metabolic problem. We’ll get the results tomorrow.

Now we’re all back at home, and the situation has returned to normal for another year. We humans got barbecue, Dulce’s favorite, for supper, and the cats got a couple of scraps to make up for their harrowing afternoon.


Blogger Pat said...

Thursday - most of the Tres' test results have come in, and they're all fine. He's just a stringy, skinny, nervous cat.

Thu Jun 08, 12:47:00 PM MDT  

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