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Friday, June 02, 2006

Progress on the trailer, and a break for a wet sail

The end is in sight

Pat and I returned to Albuquerque Monday, leaving Tadpole with Dumbledore to make final additions and adjustments to the trailer. Tuesday, we met Mother and Dumbledore in Socorro, where we picked up Tadpole, as well as a growler of my favorite brew from the Socorro Springs Brewing Company. Thursday, Pat and I went up to Cochiti Lake to sail with a sailing club member who has a Thistle – a very pretty little boat, but one that got very wet when the wind came up on the fringe of a passing small thunderstorm.

Today (Friday), Tadpole and I returned to the Fleet 141 Compound, and the completed trailer – all done but the painting and installing bearing buddies that are still backordered at the trailer factory where we got the basic frame built. We first worked on sanding the keel patches on the boat, so they will be ready for painting as soon as the paint is available (I’m hoping Zorro has some left over from a month ago when we painted the bottom of Black Swan). Then we painted all of the new parts that had been added to the trailer, covering all of the bare metal. By the time we were done with that, we decided to leave painting the rest of the trailer for another time – it’s already painted, so we don’t have to worry about rust. We can finish the paint job after we launch the boat up at Heron Lake.

We did have one minor casualty during the painting – for some unfathomable reason, a bee landed on Tadpole’s nose and stung him toward the end of the painting. Fortunately, there seems to be no lasting damage, just some temporary numbness in the right nostril.

Saturday, we’re expecting Seymour to come and help us de-rig the boat, after which he and his family will accompany us to Heron, where he will help us to rig and launch it.

Stay tuned; later tonight, Internet connection permitting, I’ll get some photos up.


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