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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Challenge: Paint a Word Picture

Engage all of the senses; do not be afraid

Recently, several of the blogs that I frequent have had vivid descriptions of places and events. Something that all of these descriptions have had in common is that they have wrapped the reader up in a feeling without telling the reader what to feel. For example, they might say something like, “my heart was beating fast and my palms were sweating” instead of saying, “I was nervous.” The result is extremely effective writing.

Here is your challenge: either here, or providing here a link to your own blog, tell about some place that you sail, or if you’re not a sailor, some place that you love. Give a description that engages ALL of the senses. Don’t just tell what the place looks like; give us sounds and smells and feelings and tastes. Don’t tell us what emotions we should feel; make your description vivid enough that we feel it without being told. Tell something you like to do while you are there. Make us all want to go there and do that.

Whether it’s New Jersey or Maine or Australia or Germany or Laos or wherever, there is beauty in sailing. Tell about the beauty you see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She was screaming. I was moaning. The perspiration burned my eyes as it trickled down from my forehead. Every muscle in my body ached from the pumping. She was hot and wet, like she'd just come from the hot springs. Just when I thought I could no longer hold on, we both relaxed. We had rounded the windward mark.

Tue May 16, 03:35:00 PM MDT  

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