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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Visitor 5K

Yet another milestone

Yep, this little ol’ blog has reached the big time. I’ve now had more than 5,000 visitors. The 5,000th visitor this time was someone from San Diego who arrived, as so many visitors here do, via Tillerman’s blog – in this case, using the “Top Ten Sailing Blogs” link


Blogger Ant said...

Congrats on your achievement.. 5k visitors is Here's hoping 10k comes soon...

I just had a thought about your blog and something cool you could (maybe do).. there's a site called Blurb which apparently lets you turn your website or blog into an ACTUAL hard-back book.. that would be so cool with your "day-to-day" posts and the Wizards of Winds and Waves chapters interspursed... the prices seem reasonable too.. let me know if looks any-good...

Thu May 11, 08:52:00 AM MDT  

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