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Monday, August 08, 2005

Beer IS good for you!

This was a human interest story on the news the night before last. Just as the news was preparing for a commercial break, there was a film clip of a little old lady, hoisting a large water goblet full of what, at first glance, I took to be champagne, and the newscaster said, "Just wait til you year what this 100-year-old says is the secret to long life." I was a bit puzzled that the lady had her champagne in a water goblet.

Once the commercial break was over, the full story was revealed -- it was beer, not champagne, in the goblet. The little old lady was celebrating her 100th birthday (hence the goblet rather than a can), and when reporters asked her what she credited for her long life, she said, "It's beer. I've been drinking it every day for 90 years." That's right, she had her first beer on her 10th birthday. She drank it when she was underage; she drank it during Prohibition; she's drinking it still.


Anonymous pL said...

I wonder is she knows the Daniel Allen Coles (SP? Correct Name?) Song "Beer is Good For You?"

Mon Aug 08, 10:36:00 AM MDT  

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