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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Finally, some sailing news

At long last, after nearly two years of being unusable, the Heron Lake Marina is soon to reopen. Due to prolonged drought, the lake level had dropped, and the marina went aground at the end of the summer of 2003. For all of 2004, it sat on a mud flat. Finally, this year, we had a good winter, and the lake level rose, floating the marina. There were still delays to opening, however: The marina needed reassembly and repairs, and the sailing club that runs it needs to get liability insurance before the State Parks people will allow it to open.

Pat and other sailing club members have been working nearly every weekend to get the marina into shape; however, insurance has been surprisingly hard to come by. But some crucial paperwork came through Friday, and by early next week, the marina should be covered and ready to go.

The above picture, by the way, is not of the marina itself but rather of a nearby mooring field, although the picture was taken from the marina. It was July 3, 2001, and a summer monsoon rainstorm had just swept through, leaving in its wake a double rainbow. The shot was taken with a Pentax K-1000, circa 1977; I don't remember offhand the shutter speed or aperture, but I remember I went for depth of field.


Blogger Carol Anne said...

It's official -- the marina is now insured, and people can start moving boats in. There are still a few damaged spots that need repair, including some pieces that may be beyond repair, but the majority of the marina is now open for business.

Mon Aug 08, 12:40:00 AM MDT  

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