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Monday, August 13, 2007

Voyagers and Zealots

A serendipity sort of thing

As I went to post that last post, I noticed that Blogger had featured on “Blogs of Note” this blog, 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea. This couple has the goal of spending 1000 days at sea, without stopping. I clicked on the link.

Looking at the pictures on their blog, I see that boat they have looks tough enough to stand up to the challenge. There’s a fascinating his-and-hers counterpoint to their posts, balancing the practical and the spiritual/emotional. What they have done with the boat precedes the journey; Will decorated the interior with beautiful wood carvings, while Soanya provided (and continues to provide) spiritual guidance.

I looked to see whether I could find these voyagers’ definition of “not stopping.” In 15 minutes of looking, I couldn’t find it. If the definition is literal, that would be a really boring sea journey with no landfalls whatsoever, and really, I can’t see any way to put 1000 days’ worth of provisions on even a relatively large cruising sailboat. At the very least, they would need to have a whole lot of citrus fruit on board to prevent scurvy.

But if the definition is refined to “not stopping for commercial refueling and provisioning,” I could see the journey as possible. Will and Soanya could live off fishing, plus bartering for local produce wherever they dock. They would have to be really stingy with their diesel fuel in order to make it last, but as far as making the boat move is concerned, sails would be what they do.

The title of this post is a tribute to Zephyr, whose blog often features both voyagers and zealots.



Blogger EVK4 said...

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Tue Aug 14, 06:02:00 PM MDT  
Blogger EVK4 said...

I follow voyages like this too closely for my own good. These two, bless their hearts, are wingnuts. Especially Reid, but also Soanya for agreeing to go with him.

The boat may or may not be sturdy, he didn't take the time to repair the damage that he knows happened while tied to a pier in NY for 3+ years. But that's OK, he never actually cleaned the bottom so the barnacles might just be holding it together.

They are crazy enough that there is hope they'll make it. Heck, the longest I've ever been out of sight of land is 20 days and they're at 114 already. I believe their goal is to not see land for the entire 1000 days.

Now if they can just stop running into freighters (happened once already bless their hearts) and somehow manage more than 3 knots boatspeed in 20 knots of wind, they'll have a chance.

The naysayers are on Sailing Anarchy, amusing reading but it's not as bad as those people (and I've commented on the thread) make it out to be.

Tue Aug 14, 06:17:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stories of Reid Stowe & Soanya Ahmad aboard the Schooner Anne and the Quest to set a new Sailing Record of 1,000 Days @ Sea w/o stopping or resupply!

This is at the top of the first page of their website.

Sun Aug 19, 07:36:00 PM MDT  

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