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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A real cat burglar

No, he’s not dead, just tranked

This weekend in Santa Fe, a mountain lion broke into a jewelry store/art gallery on the Santa Fe plaza. You can read the full story here. The cat, described by wildlife officials as “full grown but skinny” (he was about 100 pounds, when an adult male typically weighs about 140), crashed through the door of the gallery, triggering a burglar alarm.

When police arrived in response to the alarm, they found the cat and cornered him in a restroom. Eventually, a state Game and Fish officer arrived and shot the cat with a tranquilizer dart.

That cat was subsequently transported to an area near Chama, where he was released. That’s right, he’s now one of our neighbors at Five O’Clock Somewhere. I’m guessing he was taken to an area that’s currently overpopulated with deer, where he will have plenty to eat, and the deer he doesn’t eat will benefit by having less competition for food and other resources.

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