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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yup, the cats really do rule

More evidence of their control

I’m sure Tillerman will see this as yet more evidence that cats are really in control of a whole lot of us gullible humans, and he’s probably right.

This link describes the latest twist in the saga of the cats at Ernest Hemingway’s estate on Key West. The house has been kept as a museum, and the descendants of Hemingway’s cats have been living in and around the house, just as they did when Papa lived there.

But the US Department of Agriculture argued that the cats had to be restrained in cages, as they were “performing” or “exhibition” animals. The museum management doesn’t see it that way – the cats just live there, nothing more.

Now the Key West city commission has enacted a resolution designating the cats as having “historic, social and tourism significance,” thus exempting them from the USDA regulations.

I’m sure cats everywhere are celebrating.



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