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Monday, June 25, 2007

“I’m OK, but …”

Words a parent doesn’t want to hear

Sunday afternoon, I got a phone call at the cabin. It started, “I’m OK, but (burst of static) airbag (static) seatbelt (static) EMTs are here, and (static) mile marker 174 (static) I’m OK, (static) ambulance, need to check me out (static), but really I’m OK.”

Long story short: Tadpole’s OK, but his face is all bruised up because of the airbag, and he’s got a severe case of seat-belt burn. He’s going to need a new pair of glasses.

He was headed to a summer college preview week at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, and he’s still going to participate in that. A tire blew – the newest tire on the car, the one that’s only been in service three months – and the car went out of control. It hit the right guardrail, and then it spun around and hit the left guardrail, and then it ricocheted back to embed itself in the right guardrail.

So Tadpole got checked out at the emergency room in Socorro, and then he was cleared to enroll in the college preview week. Now we have to wait and see what the insurance company will say about the car – is it a total loss, or will the insurance pay for repairs?

Oh, yeah, we got in some good sailing this weekend, and we have a good potential future crew member. Maybe I’ll have time to say more in a later post.

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Blogger Tillerman said...

Thank goodness that your son is OK. That's the important thing.

Mon Jun 25, 06:20:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talked to Jill F. yesterday and she said that she had sent you a new crew member!


Mon Jun 25, 08:57:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Pat said...

Gerald called during his lunch break. He looked at the car, which is in worse shape than he remembered. Windows intact except for windshield, which had hood (bonnet) go through it. Trunk latch still works. We'll go down to Socorro this afternoon.

Mon Jun 25, 12:29:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous AdriftAtSea said...

As long as he's okay...the car can be replaced...

Tue Jun 26, 05:12:00 PM MDT  

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