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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wanted: A Good Home

Ships’ cats

This cat has been seeking a good home; she has recently been hanging out in far northeast Albuquerque. The wife likes the cat, but the husband doesn’t, so if this cat is to find a permanent home, it has to be somewhere else.

Based on her physical characteristics, this cat is probably a Maine Coon Cat, or at least has a lot of Maine Coon in her lineage. She’s big, really big, somewhere in the 15 to 20 pound range, even though she’s a starving stray. She has the really thick, soft fur of a Maine Coon, with the water-repellent outer layer. And she also has the sweet but assertive personality of a Maine Coon – very loving and affectionate, and able to turn on the charm to get her way.

She’s also a strikingly good-looking cat, dark tabby with white markings. She’s had a recent injury, possibly from a run-in with a dog or a coyote, so the side of her face needs to heal. And she’s a bit grubby from life on the street. But even so, she’s still a pretty kitty.

In the old days of sailing ships, she would have been the perfect ship’s cat. Her size and two-layer fur would have helped her to cope with cold and wet conditions at sea, as she did her duty to keep the ship free from rats and other vermin. And her sweet, outgoing personality would have been suited to life on board a crowded vessel.

If you have a ship, and you need a ship’s cat, here’s the perfect one. Even if you don’t have a ship, if you want a beautiful and very friendly companion, this girl wants a home.

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