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Monday, August 07, 2006

Final Dillon pix

Finishing up a great experience

We didn't have any time at all to take pictures Saturday, since we were, uh, rather busy driving the boat. There was an official photo boat, but the photographer didn't get any good shots of Black Magic in action. However, conditions Sunday allowed for plenty of picture-taking.

The standings posted at the yacht club Sunday morning revealed something I hadn't realized: Black Magic had come in 6th out of 13 boats in the first race Saturday. I would never have expected to have done so well.

When we got out to the racecourse Sunday, despite the gathering clouds, wind refused to materialize.

The crew of this J/24 did discover one way to fly a spinnaker in no wind: run the motor in reverse. Those rain clouds in the background led us to believe we might actually get some wind, but the Summit County Sherriff's Department reported to the race committee that the rain in Frisco was falling straight down.

Here is another shot of the becalmed fleet. The J/24 in the left foreground is Mother and Dumbledore's boat; the black boat to the left of the committee boat is the Tartan Pride 270 Knockdown, one of the toughest competitors in the PHRF 1 fleet, in which Black Magic competed. The committee boat itself is a beautiful classic wooden motor-yacht owned by the guy who wants to build an Etchells fleet at Dillon.


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Carol Anne-

Great photos...

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