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Monday, August 14, 2006

Dillon Open Update

A pleasant surprise in the corrected results

In an earlier post, I reported on the Dillon Open preliminary results that were posted the morning of the second day of the regatta, and I included a photograph of the results that were posted at the yacht club.

On the way out to the race course that Sunday morning, one of the other boats in the PHRF 1 fleet radioed the committee boat to protest the race results, and the committee radioed back that they would take the matter up when everybody got off the water that afternoon.

This past weekend, Pat downloaded the final official results from
and we discovered the results had been adjusted, presumably in accordance with whatever the protest hearing decided. Two additional boats were given DNFs, and, ironically, the boat that had made the protest was one of them – so it officially came in behind Black Magic in the final standings! So we were 11th rather than 12th overall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

6th. place in the first race was great and especially with no , why did not we learn our lesson from the Adams Cup Trials? Rule #1 Never quit... Rule# 2 ..Never Quit... especially in sailing , the other boat could sink!US 38 continues to test new mast and sails for the fall, Hoping to keep crew of past season, but no solid committments so far, except Captain George, his boat is drydocked so he is sailing a surf board with an umbella attached( I'm not kidding) I hope Black Magic is preparing and planning to sail in the Sunrise , Sept9..the 10 Mile Daysail Div. Miller will be there on 574, so what is Pat thinking telling me you guys will do the 25 in your Mac26?....Zorro will be at the Butte Tues. Aug 15 around 2 to 3pm then a short trip to Albq and then all day Wed. from about 1:00pm on if any Etchells sailors from the private lake of the north would like some sailing and ETchells lessons.

Tue Aug 15, 12:28:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

I don't know what Pat is thinking ... we can't take the Mac south until the Etchells goes, since the Etchells trailer is in the way of the Mac trailer getting out.

Yes, I now know: Rule 1: Never Quit. Rule 2: Never Quit. I've even learned Rule 3, which you didn't mention: Never Quit.

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing Zorro again after far too long. I can't get to the Butte this week, but I'll be back in Albuquerque next week.

Tue Aug 15, 01:26:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Tillerman said...

And Rule 4: Never get involved in a protest meeting. There's at least a 50% chance you're going to lose and be DSQ'd. And even weirder things can happen such as both boats getting tossed (as apparently happened here). And I do remember one regatta where even the witness to a protest was DSQ'd by the protest committee. Once you get into that room and open your mouth anything can happen and probably will.

Tue Aug 15, 06:19:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Pat said...

Ummmm, who me, thinking, oh yeah, now about what? Actually, there's a plan...

Haul the MacGregor out on the Etchells trailer and borrow a swage tool (Dumbledore will bring his up this weekend) so we can fix the centerboard uphaul on the Mac before putting it back in the water and therefore freeing up the Etchells trailer.

Other thought... since the Heron season won't yet be over, it might be easier to bring the MacGregor south for the sunrise and do the 25-miler instead of just the quickie 10. With any sort of reasonable breeze, 10 miles doesn't take very long at all in an Etchells; it would only be a 2-4 hr. race.

Of course, 25 miles in a MacGregor probably takes about half again as much time as on an Etchells, and about 4 times longer than 10 miles on an Etchells, so there's a question for Carol Anne: How long do you want to be on the water?

Of course, you probably could do the 10 miler, and then we could break for a meal and then go back out to watch the 25-mile boats. (25 miles may not be an option for the other Etchells since they don't have motors and lights.)

Or, if we're really into it, do the 10 miler, then persuade someone to do an overnight 50-miler with us? Being able to do two races would definitely be more bang for the buck! (grin)

So, how soon do you want to move which boats south? Should I be talking to Claudia about slips yet? Or, would you want to go to the trouble of moving Black Magic south for just the sunrise, then back north?

Tue Aug 15, 09:22:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

I'd definitely want to race Black Magic in the Sunrise, although, since it doesn't have a cabin, it can do only the 10-miler and not the 25.

The remainder of plans is up in the air -- certainly, we're getting good enough at rigging and de-rigging that taking the boat south and then back north again is a possibility.

But then, I'm sure Zorro would like to see Black Magic back at the Butte, and since I'll no longer be in residence at Five O'Clock Somewhere, heading south for the weekends is deicdedly do-able.

Wed Aug 16, 12:08:00 AM MDT  

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