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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays …

DON’T always get me down!

As I write this, it is pouring down rain here at Five O’Clock Somewhere. It’s been cloudy most of the day, and it rained a little bit, off and on, starting about noon. Then about half an hour ago, the clouds really let loose. Tres has been bothered by the weather, so he’s sticking very close; I think he thinks I have the power to switch off the rain if I chose (after all, I can switch lights on and off).

However, I wouldn’t switch off the rain even if I could – we really need the moisture. Fire danger here is extreme, because the plants around here are bone-dry. If we’re going to get lightning, we ought to get rain along with it.

Sure, I can’t go sailing in a thunderstorm. But even though it’s a rainy day AND also a Monday, it doesn’t get me down at all. Gee, I wonder if this weather has something to do with the fact that I put the Carpenters’ greatest hits tape on my shrouds as tell-tales.


Blogger Tillerman said...

So it's your fault it's raining? On the other hand I can't think of a better use for a Carpenters' tape.

Mon Jun 26, 05:07:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Pat said...

Yeah, there was a store near Elephant Butte Lake that had lots of eight-track tapes for sale. A couple of the better tapes went to Carol Anne's kid brother's old Oldsmobile, aka the "Hotelsmobile" (a homeless woman once lived in it for a while when Fuego had it parked in the Pacific Northwest).

On the other hand, a potential sailing buddy isn't answering his cell phone, so he's probably out sailing without me (the phone stays ashore) ... and I was hoping to celebrate getting cut up this afternoon by getting out on the water.

Mon Jun 26, 05:23:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Adrift At Sea said...

So if it rains in New England in a week's time, we should talk to Carol Anne about it.... Today's the first sunny day we've had in a week... I'm going down to the marina...

Tue Jun 27, 07:49:00 AM MDT  

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