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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I need at least a little break from sailing.

Even though I didn’t win this past weekend, I’m still going to Austin for the Adams Cup semifinals. I had already volunteered to be truck driver and support staff for whoever ended up winning our quarterfinals.

The host club will be providing the boats to race on, but we want to get there a few days early, so we want to bring one of our own boats to practice on. Mother is very protective of her boat, and she doesn’t like to drive the truck herself, and she doesn’t want just anyone towing her boat, but she trusts me to drive – and we’ll be driving my truck, since it has space for lots of crew to come along. At least one other member of Mother’s team will be coming along to share the driving load, and ideally we’ll get one or two more women to join us, although many of them have other obligations that prevent them from coming out until right before the races.

Meanwhile, Pat and I had a nice non-sailing evening. Tadpole’s away at the retreat with his school orchestra, so Pat and I went up to the Elena Gallegos trailhead in the foothills, and we got in a good hike at the fringes of the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. We watched the sun set over Mount Taylor – the view was, alas, rather hazy, since the day had been windy. But it was still nice. Then we went to dinner at a restaurant that is now run by a sailing club member who used to manage a marina at Elephant Butte. (OK, so I lied when I said we had a non-sailing evening.) We talked a lot about the current status of water levels in New Mexico lakes, and about the past weekend’s racing, and a bunch of other things.


Blogger Pat said...

UPDATE: Somebody in Austin thinks that somebody in New Mexico has cancelled the plan for Carol Anne to tow a boat next week to Austin. Nobody in New Mexico has told us, so we'd been acting on the previous plan. The folks in Austin must think we New Mexicans are just a bit disorganized.

Tue Apr 25, 02:56:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Pat said...

Yep, the plan for Carol Anne to tow a boat to Austin had been cancelled. We learned indirectly from folks in Texas and had it confirmed when we checked with the owner of the boat we were supposed to tow. Now Carol Anne just needs someone to sail with down at the Butte this week and beyond.

Wed Apr 26, 10:33:00 AM MDT  

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