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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weird Dreams

Lots of stress makes for strange effects on the subconscious

I got to the Fleet 141 Compound late last night, and I had a fairly good sleep, considering all of the gazillion stressful things on my mind. However, all of those gazillion stressful things caused some, um, interesting dreams.

I was with Dumbledore and Uncle Jesse, on Uncle Jesse’s big boat, down below, evaluating the galley for an upcoming shot at the San Pellegrino Cup (see for more information), on the ocean in stormy weather. The boat capsized, but it was no big deal, since both Dumbledore and Uncle Jesse have extensive experience in the Navy.

The next time I got to sleep, El Caballero had mechanical problems. There was something wrong with the transmission, such that the car would only operate when it was headed south, not north – and the faster it headed south, the better.

In the final dream, I was entering this term’s grades in the computer, and a student that I’d never heard of showed up on the computer roster. I was about to delete her, and then I got a phone call that I’d better give her a good grade, or I’d get my kneecaps broken.


Blogger Tillerman said...

Geeze CA - if my blog is going to start giving people bad dreams I'd better pack it in!

Sat Apr 22, 08:36:00 AM MDT  
Anonymous pL said...

Did you give her good grades? Or sign her up for the team?

Sat Apr 22, 10:00:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Tillerman, don't pack it in -- RGSC is planning its assault on the San Pellegrino Cup even as you speak.

Fuego, maybe signing her up for the team would assure future success. Might be a good idea.

Sat Apr 22, 09:49:00 PM MDT  

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