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Monday, March 20, 2006

My Familiars

Meet the four-legged members of the family.

Since there are some newcomers to this blog, many of you may not have met the cats who permit my family to serve them. Allow me to introduce Dulce and Tres. Both were adopted from a shelter, so their exact ancestry is unknown, but some guesses can be made based on their unusual traits.

The dark tortoiseshell beauty with cream trim is Dulce. She’s a solid cat in the center of a cloud of very soft, non-matting, water-resistant fur, and nothing fazes her. She is strongly assertive in a sweet-voiced way, and she approaches problems with a Yankee can-do attitude. She’s the one who really runs this household.

The skinny white fellow with gold trim is Tres. He thinks he’s a cheetah; he likes to run. He also likes to swim, believe it or not. He is a major chatterbox with a huge vocabulary of meows, mews, squeaks, grunts, clicks, purrs, yowls, and R2-D2 noises. He’s very intuitive and seems to know what people are thinking, and he’s technology-oriented; he knows the keyboard shortcut to shut down a computer.


Anonymous Adrift at Sea said...

Cute kitties, Carol Anne.

Mon Mar 20, 08:52:00 PM MST  

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