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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lakeside update

Less achy all over, but there’s something with my left elbow

Got to the lake early yesterday for an afternoon workout with Larry and Braxton. At the beginning it wasn’t much of a workout; there was almost no wind. Braxton and I were on Constellation, while Larry was on the boat formerly known as Intrepid, and as the wind began to pick up, we started mock races. First, we went southeast to mark 8, which we ran as a beam reach under spinnaker; Braxton and I got around the mark well ahead of Larry. Then Larry announced the next mark would be number 6, to the northeast. Braxton and I were pulling way ahead, leaving Larry vanishing on the horizon behind us. Then Larry tacked off westward into some wind, while Braxton and I were sitting in a dead calm. “Hey, he’s got some wind,” I commented. “Yeah, but he’s going the wrong way,” Braxton said.

A few minutes later, Larry was still going “the wrong way.” Braxton commented, “He’s heading for the marina. Maybe he got frustrated at us being so far ahead of him, he’s giving up.”

Braxton and I continued to make almost no progress, while Larry sailed around the entire western perimeter of the lake. “I think he pulled a dirty trick on us,” I said. “He sent us out here where there’s no wind, and he’s having fun where it is.”

Larry got near the marina, but he didn’t go in; he turned to the east. Before too long he was crossing a half-mile ahead of us, headed for the mark. As Larry approached, the wind came back, from aft, so we put up the spinnaker and tried to catch up. We made some progress, but not enough. As I said in an earlier post, nobody beats Larry.

Then the wind really started in to blow, so we ran upwind to mark 3, to the west, where we had a nice little tacking duel, then we rounded the mark and headed in under spinnaker to the marina, where we put Constellation away. Pat and Gerald were rigging Syzygy at the boat ramp, so I joined them while Braxton and Larry went out for a moonlight sail. Eventually, we all ended up at the Strasias’ for supper. I noticed my left elbow was a bit sore.

Pat and I left Gerald and Syzygy at the Strasias’ and had a pleasant night alone together at the Elephant Butte Inn. But when I got up this morning, my left elbow was really hurting. It wasn’t a particularly strenuous day yesterday, so it’s a bit surprising how much that elbow hurts. I must have done something to it at some point.


Blogger Carol Anne said...

Elbow update:

For two days that elbow was really hurting -- so bad that I couldn't lift 12 ounces to my mouth. And it really interfered with sailing, too.

I kept it bandaged up, and I've been applying stinky ointment, and it's now much better. It still twinges a bit when I hoist a beer, but it's not too bad. It should be good as new come the Valentine's Chute-Out next weekend.

Mon Feb 13, 12:33:00 AM MST  
Blogger wilbur said...

try some ice.sounds like tennis elbow

Mon Feb 13, 05:49:00 PM MST  
Anonymous pL said...

I remember hearing once about a mistake made during the America's Cup. One boat had the lead, and the 2nd place boat started off in an odd direction. The lead boat let them go. That was the mistake, they didn't follow the direction the 2nd boat was taking, and they ended up loosing. The commentary explained that the lead boat should have followed the course the 2nd went on. That way, they would have the same wind, and still be in front even if the new course was a bust.

Wed Feb 15, 06:14:00 AM MST  
Blogger Carol Anne said...

Yes, tactics and wind conditions are things I need to study. I have a bunch of books and videos, and of course, nothing beats time actually out on the lake sailing and learning.

Wed Feb 15, 11:04:00 AM MST  

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