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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The next great chick flick

It’s got all of the usual elements, plus an ethnic twist

OK, yes, I just got through with a post about how women need to be strong and not depend on men, and all of that. So what am I doing now recommending a plot for a chick flick?

Part of the answer lies in the previous post. Yes, women should be strong. A woman should not be dependent on someone else to provide her life with meaning. But I’m also a romantic. I do believe that someone can have a complete life without depending on someone else. But I also believe that sharing life with a soul mate makes life much more rich than it would be otherwise.

Dan’s story is also different from most. Yes, it’s a heart-breaking tale about a beautiful young woman, struck down by cancer tragically far to soon. That’s a tale that has been told far too many times. But usually, the point of view has been female – a mother or sister or female friend of the woman. As far as I know, this tale has never been told from the point of view of the man who loved her. There’s also the Korean twist – the specific family values and cultural outlook of Koreans who have come to America.

There’s another thing I love about this story, although in real life it isn’t complete yet. Dan’s building a sailboat in her memory, in which he plans great voyages. I love endings that involve sailboats. For me, there just isn’t any more poignant way to end a movie than to have somebody sailing off in a sailboat.

In the hands of the right screenwriter and director, this could be an extremely moving romantic film, a movie I would love to see, and which many other women would love. It would show Dan and Gee, and how the relationship developed, and the humor and humanity and all.

OK, so this is really just my silly and sentimental take on everything, but still, I thank Dan for sharing with us online. I really appreciated getting to know about Gee on his website, because he helped me to see what was special about her.

As we say in New Mexico, Vaya con Dios, Dan.


Blogger Tillerman said...

Yeah - I was touched too when I discovered Dan's blog the other day and read Gee's story

Sat Jan 14, 10:09:00 AM MST  
Anonymous Dan said...

Carol Anne-

I am honored that you wrote about My LIfe with Gee. It was an amazing and bittersweet time in my life. I am a better person for having been known by and been loved by Gee. In many ways, I feel that my life with Gee continues...not in the same way as before, but continues nonetheless.

She and I had discussed getting a sailboat, and retiring to Cape Cod at some point. I felt that when I sold our home, I needed to do something to make up for that loss. Getting the sailboat struck me as the right thing to do. I hope to have the Pretty Gee in the water this April.


Sat Jan 14, 08:16:00 PM MST  
Blogger Pat said...

Carol Anne and I have had many discussions about balancing the need to be prudent and careful with the need to live life and live some of our dreams while we are able. It isn't an easy balance. As an only child, I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a drunk driver rip a twin brother out of my life, but I didn lose my mother to cancer years ago and have some appreciation for how horrible it can be.

Sun Jan 15, 08:51:00 PM MST  

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