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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Remedy for what ails you

Wishful thinking department

There are two ways to look at boats for sale and avoid buying one. First, you can look at boats that there is no way you can afford, with the idea that it’s wishful thinking for the future. That’s one of the things we did yesterday when we looked at
Remedy, a 45-foot Hunter that is for sale but at a much higher price than we can afford. Ed was kind enough to give us the royal tour, which involved more than just looking at how pretty the boat was, although we certainly did a lot of that. Pat was also interested in things like how the boat’s systems worked, and this boat certainly has a lot of fancy stuff. It’s big enough to have a huge salon and two spacious staterooms, both with great heads. The forward head is electric. And attached to the master stateroom is a tub-shower – that’s right, this sailboat actually has a bathtub! It also has air conditioning and plenty of other amenities. It wouldn’t be too difficult to live on this boat. It would, however, be difficult to buy the boat. Something like Remedy would be part of the future retirement plan, in which we sell the house in Albuquerque and make Five O’Clock Somewhere our main home, and use the proceeds from the sale of the Albuquerque house to buy a boat, which we would then keep as our second home someplace warm.

The other way to look at boats for sale is to go to the yacht brokerage at some time when it is closed. That’s what we did after looking at Remedy. We wandered around the boats at a brokerage in Seabrook, where we saw such things as a 31 foot Bombay Clipper outfitted for sea voyaging for a mere $27K. Way too dangerous to look as such a boat when the brokerage is open; it might just follow us home.


Blogger Tillerman said...

Man, what a beautiful boat. Will he take my Laser as a trade?

Sun Jan 01, 10:05:00 AM MST  
Anonymous andrew Teague said...

I bet you could sell up the Mississippi and the Arkansas river to leave the boat tied up on Little Rock. I will take good care of it and already know the harbor to use.

Mon Jan 02, 05:32:00 PM MST  
Blogger Ed Herndon said...

Hi Carol,

Tell tillerman:

Yes I will take a Laser in a trade... they are neat boats.

Ed H

Tue Jan 03, 05:55:00 PM MST  

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