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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Chez Gerard, Houston, Texas

It’s good to have good friends.

After many days in the twilight world of relying on public Internet access, we have arrived at the new home of a childhood friend of Pat’s. The house itself is something of a work in progress, since Gerard and Rhonda have been working on remodeling the place since they bought it a year ago. But their computer system is working well, and they have high-speed Internet access, so I can get online at speeds greater than I am accustomed to.

The house itself is something of a marvel. It was originally designed by an architect in the 1960s, and it retains some of the flavor that might be observed in an early James Bond movie. The remodeling has removed some of the more dated clichés, but Gerard has had a lot of fun installing such fun features as cinema-style lighting throughout the house (computer controlled dimmer switches and stuff that take some getting used to, but boy are they fun). The bathrooms, also, are still works in progress, but they are also playgrounds of technology.

Oh, yes, the kitchen is also – or will be when it’s finished – a fantastic blend of technology and fun.


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