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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mafia mosquitoes

All right, who's hiring the thugs?

Here in the desert, we don't have many mosquitoes, but we have a few, especially when the summer monsoons are underway. Right now, we have a break in the monsoon pattern, but we still apparently have a couple of the critters buzzing around.

A couple of nights ago, I had a cluster of mosquito bites on my left kneecap. The itching was vicious until I could get to the hydrocortisone cream. This evening, I had a cluster of bites on my right kneecap.

Why the heck should mosquitoes target my kneecaps? Is that the place where the blood flow just beneath the skin is easiest to suck up? Or is it just that a pants leg against a kneecap is easier to bite through? Or … what?

All I can figure is some inept mob boss with a very low budget has it in for me, and the best he can afford to hire to kneecap me is a bunch of mosquitoes.

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Blogger Carol Anne said...

Update: I may have been putting the blame on innocent mosquitoes. This evening, I got a massive outbreak on the inside of my right forearm, about 30 or so bumps that look like mosquito bites and that itch like mosquito bites, but I'm up in the north country now, where temperatures get near freezing at night and the mosquitoes have gone into hibernation.

So I'm slathering on the hydrocortisone cream and trying to figure out what's causing these rashes, so I can avoid it in the future.

Sat Aug 15, 03:20:00 AM MDT  

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