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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Igudesman & Joo

Classical – not classic – humor

Since our home computer connection is mere dialup rather than broadband, I haven’t much gotten into heavy broadband-eating websites with lots of pictures and video. However, Tadpole’s bass teacher introduced him to these two utterly hilarious classical musicians whose work is available at YouTube – so immensely funny that Tadpole was willing to spend big chunks of time downloading the videos. Igudesman & Joo are a violinist and pianist who combine classical music talent with a warped sense of humor.

While much of the humor in I&J’s repertoire is about classical music, it’s readily understandable even to those not familiar with Bach, Beethoven, or any of those old guys.

Seeing these videos makes me want to ask: When are these guys going on tour, and will Albuquerque be on the tour schedule?

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