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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A house full of (macho) sailors

Rather a different atmosphere than last week

WCMIK has an important event with the Youth Orchestra today, so I headed down solo to the Butte to join the sailing club for the Frostbite Regatta. The original plan was for the women to fill three boats, but we have had a lot of no-shows, due to illness and other conflicts. So when I got here, I found I was the only female sailor here. Also, whereas usually the women bring dishes to contribute to supper, all I had was a 12-pack 0f beer.

Sue has the flu, so the bachelors went out to supper at the Big Food Express. That allowed me to email Pat so he can bring the stuff I forgot yesterday. The music this time was classical, an Andrea Bocelli concert. Larry, being Italian, liked that.

After supper, those of us who were staying the night returned to the house; there were four of us, Larry, Braxton, Rich, and myself. The conversation was rather more testosterone-laden than last weekend. For one thing, the guys are still celebrating how well they did in San Diego – remember that photo I posted earlier? Then, there was a whole lot of discussion of racing tactics, much of it for my benefit. Larry also had some strong ideas about how the women’s racing teams ought to be run – as a world-class athlete, he’s very driven.

This morning somehow the conversation turned toward what I might do with a boat in heavy air, and Larry made some comment about running the boat under spinnaker alone with no mainsail. “I could just see Carol Anne driving that boat, flying that chute, with her hair flying,” Larry said. Oh, no. Wh0, me?


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