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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Best Christmas Wish Book

Without Sears and Ward’s, what’s left?

Yes, it’s October, the time of year when, in days of yore, the Sears and Montgomery Ward’s Christmas catalogs would arrive, and children could spend days poring through the pages of wonderful toys and other fabulous gifts, making wish lists that could be passed on to Santa (or, after a certain age, to Mom and Dad) in hopes of seeing some of those fantastic things, eventually, under the Christmas tree.

Alas, Ward’s is no longer in business, and Sears doesn’t do catalogs except for certain specialized lines of merchandise. What is left for people who yearn for that sense of possibilities and fabulous delight that used to come from those compendia?

Here in Rio Arriba County, it’s the Cabela’s Christmas Catalog. Maybe it’s not as fat as the old Sears and Ward’s Wish Books, but it’s still full of wondrous toys, for people who like fishin’ and huntin’, and for those who used to go fishin’ and huntin’, and for those who just plain like the outdoorsy, rustic lifestyle. For hunters and fishermen, there are all sorts of nifty widgets and gadgets, and the latest high-tech equipment, and tools to convert the catch into food, and clothes to wear while fishin’ and huntin’ to protect from cold, wet, sun, or whatever other hazards may exist. Hunters with enough money can even buy a trophy elk-huntin’ trip in Rio Arriba County. For those who like the taste of wild food, there are gift packages of dried meat from all sorts of game and fish. And in home décor and furnishings, the catalog has everything from cute things to put on the wall, to major furniture, featuring images of deer, elk, fish, game birds, and more.

Camouflage is hugely popular. Some of the more modern camouflage patterns are strikingly realistic, and a hunter who chooses an appropriate pattern for the type of vegetation he or she is hunting in can really become invisible. And these patterns are available in many different weights of clothing to deal with all weather conditions, and in sizes to fit the whole family, including infants. People who like a particular camouflage pattern can also decorate their homes with it – custom-upholstered furniture for the living room, wallpaper for the whole house, tea-towels and oven mitts for the kitchen, bath mats and shower curtains for the bathroom, bedding and curtains for the bedroom, including baby’s.

I just wonder what happens when someone dresses the baby in a camouflage romper, and then the baby gets loose in a camouflage house.


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But how about all the brochures from the sailing schools and bareboat charter companies?

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